Oakmore Dry Cleaners is a family owned and operated business with experience of over 
30 years. We are serving the neighborhood of Oakdale Road and East Briggmore Ave in Modesto California and the surrounding area. We offer quality work at reasonable prices. We service shirts, suits, dresses, comforters, sheets, curtains, among others. Bridal Gowns, leather & oriental rug cleaning services are also available. All dry cleaning and laundry are done on premises. All types of alterations are made by an experienced tailor.


You’ve spent a lot of time and money discovering the most unique clothes. It’s a relief to find a dry cleaner who cherishes high end fashion as much as you do. At Oakmore Dry Cleaners, garment cleaning is a never one size fits all situation. Each fabric is unique and demands its own cleaning method.


Whether you need someone to care for your latest Prada dress or Burberry suit, or if your workaday chic just needs a little boost, you can count on us to deliver your clothes- spotless, perfectly pressed and without any shine- straight to your door.


Call (209) 526-5047 to request a pickup.


Start each day with a fresh, perfectly pressed shirt. Your crisp creases, intact buttons and perfectly pleated cuffs will be the envy of the office. We offer Next Day Service in Modesto and surrounding area.


Call (209) 526-5047 to request a pickup.


Remember when you first wore your Burberry leather jacket? You slid into the double breasted lambskin jacket and you suddenly felt even more confident. If your leather has started to dim, come see us. We’ll bring back the finesse.


Call (209) 526-5047 to request a pickup.


Did you just bring home the sweetest new slacks only to discover that it hangs a tad too low? Don’t relegate this find to the closet; just drop it in your Oakmore Dry Cleaners bag with a note about what you need. We’ll hem it so it sits on you just right.


We do everything from buttons to zippers, hemming to taking in, shortening and removing unwanted pockets.


House calls also available. Call (209) 526-5047 to request rate information or a pickup.



You’ll never forget the day you strode down the aisle in your Vera Wang original. And why should you? Thanks to Oakmore Dry Cleaners unique way of preserving fragile textiles, your gown will stay as fresh as when you first slipped into it. (Before the Dom Pérignon bubbled over, that is. Don’t worry, when we’re done, you won’t see a drop.)


Using the same techniques as museum conservators, we wrap your cleaned wedding gown in muslin and place it in an archival chest. Throughout the years you can safely remove your gown and share its beauty with others. Or you can gaze at your preserved treasure on your own, twirling through time to that splendid day.


Call (209) 526-5047 to request a pickup.


When it comes to entertaining, you have enough details to consider. Let us worry about removing that dash of Merlot and steaming the wrinkles out of your table linens. We’ll deliver the cleaned, pressed linens straight to your home. You just need to remember to pick up extra ice and order the extra dozen roses.


Call (209) 526-5047 to request a pickup.